About Us

Arthrotec understands the needs of the organizations we connect with. Makes detailed plans about them.

In 2019, "using the latest and high quality products for human health, their clients to provide solutions to the world standards" to its principle of Arthrotec Health, taking the 30-year history of professional staff in the back, in Turkey, we have completed the entire process of the activities in Istanbul with a wide range of products' also gave a start.

How about getting to know our company, which has analyzed the needs of the industry and has taken professional service to its customers, closely?

As Arthrotec Health, our main business line in the field of medical devices; It constitutes Orthopedics and Pain Management.

The world of health products includes many suppliers, but few; Our company has begun to lay the foundations that will be permanent among the role model companies that offer services with new technology and human health priority principle.

Arthrotec products, which are the primary preference of users who want to receive professional services in order to use the right product and to use the right product, continue to be a solution with a wide range.

With reference hospitals as well as the active and direct work with a reputable dealer network we are serving all over Turkey.

As Arthrotec Health, which has always been developing and giving the most correct answer to the needs of healthcare products, with the product range of "Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, Trauma, Intra-articular Injection, Collagen Bone Supplement, Vaginal Detox", Orthopedics and Traumatology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, gynecology services we provide.

As Arthrotec Health, we continue to be a prestigious brand, focused on development and always with the principle of being ahead of the day, both for customers and visionaries who want to work in the industry.